Website design Terms

Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply for anyone purchasing for any website design

  • Website development can take anywhere from 7-20 business days. This development time is based on the assumption that all relevant content is already provided.
  • Any additional items will be charged an additional cost. Feel free to discuss this before purchasing.
  • After the 2 weeks of maintenance, you can manage your website by yourself or you can purchase maintenance plan with me. Contact me for more information and pricing.
  • Support for 2 weeks does not include any additional work. It only includes managing the website with features discussed after purchase.
  • I can work on your On-Page SEO with additional cost. Contact me for information and pricing.
  • After a website is completed, if you do not ask for any monthly maintenance, the website is solely YOUR responsibility to maintain and update. Once you agree to the site going live, the website is YOURS and no longer my responsibility.
  • All communication will be done via email throughout the entire process. You can send me all the content that will be needed to add into your website. This include images, text, your bio information, contact information, etc.
  • If you decide to make any changes to your site which result in myself fixing, it will be an additional charge to make those fixes to the site.
  • Since the nature of products is digital, NO REFUNDS will be provided once the purchase is done. Feel free to message / email before you purchase the listing.